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Teen Patti Vungo Download, Teenpatti Vungo APK, Teen Patti Apps, Download Teen Patti Game - A lot of people in India like to play card games. When it comes to the most popular card game, the name of three cards comes at the top. At present there are a lot of games launched through which you can play three card games online and entertain yourself. Also a lot of online three card games have been launched in which you can literally wager cash and win.

In this time India, a lot of people are making money online through their mobiles. If you are also thinking about making money by playing online games. So don't wait, download the three card game in your mobile phone today and start earning money. We are giving you information about a very reliable three leaf game through this article. You can earn money every month by playing games through this game.

Guys we will give you information about this game through this article. This game is a very trusted game. By downloading this game in India, a lot of people are earning thousands of rupees by playing the game every month. Let us now give you complete information about Teen Patti Vungo game in detail through this article.

Teen Patti Vungo is considered to be the best game if you want to do real betting in three card game. In this article we will show you how to download Teen Patti Vungo APK.

What Is Teen Patti Vungo APK

Teen Patti Vungo APK is a very popular and trusted online three card game. The way we play card games with our families at home. That way you can play card games online through your smartphone. The biggest feature of this game is that you get a chance to earn money as well as entertainment by playing this game.

I myself earn from ₹ 7000 to ₹ 10000 every month through this three card game. If you also want to make money playing games. So you too can earn money by playing this game. As we have already told you that this is a card game, so here you have to play with a lot of mind and patience. Let us now show you how to download this game. And how to make money from this game.

How To Download Teen Patti Vungo APK?

If you want to download Teen Patti Vungo APK then first click on the link given below.

Click Here To Download Teen Patti Vungo APK

After clicking on this link a new page will open in your web browser and the Download To Play button will appear in it.

As soon as you click on the Download button, the Teen Patti Vungo APK file will start downloading.

Once the APK file is downloaded you can install it in your smartphone and start playing and betting by creating your account on it.

How To Create Teen Patti Vungo Account?

Creating an account on Teen Patti Vungo App is very easy. When you open this game, your guest account will be created automatically. But if you want to open this account with your name, you have to follow the steps given below.

To create an account on Teen Patti Vungo, first open the App and then type your name by clicking on the Profile option. Then click on Bound and then enter the mobile number and password and send OTP. Now an OTP will come on your mobile number. Verify it by entering it in the prescribed box. This way your account in Teen Patti Vungo will be created and ready. After creating an account, you can play any game and add cash to it.

How To Add Cash in Teenpatti Vungo?

If you want to recharge or add cash in Teen Patti Vungo account, first you have to click on Shop option given below. After this you can add Cash to your account through UPI ID from here. Let me tell you that by adding Cash here you also get Extra Cash Bonus of 2% to 5.5%. Follow the process given below to add Cash in Teen Patti Vungo App.

To add Cash in Teen Patti Vungo App, first click on Shop option.

After that, select the amount of cash you want to add.

Then click on UPI ID and complete KYC.

After completing the KYC, enter the UPI ID of any UPI payment and click on Pay Now button and then confirm the payment.

This way you can add cash to Teen Patti Vungo account.

How To Withdraw In Teenpatti Vungo?

For your information let us know that Instant Withdraw feature is available from this App. As soon as you withdraw any amount, the money will be received in your bank account immediately. If you want to withdraw money from Teen Patti Vungo App then follow the process given below step by step.

First click on the Withdraw option.

Then to withdraw in the bank, go to the option with Chip To Bank and click on the option with + Bank Account and enter the Account Number, User Name, Bank Name, IFSC Code and Email ID and click on Save.

Also if you have to withdraw from UPI ID, click on the option with Chip To UPI and after clicking on + UPI, enter User Name and UPO ID and click on Save button.

After this your Total Withdrawable Balance will start appearing. After that you select the amount and click on the Withdraw button.

This way you can withdraw money from Teen Patti Vungo App.

How to get free Rs.20

Download TeenPatti Vungo and complete registration, and send TeenPatti Vungo 1001" to our customer service staff, then you can get free Rs.20 Bonus.

About this game

Online rummy game experience made so much so smooth and easy with TeenPatti Vungo App, a most trustable product of Gaint Gaming Pvt Ltd. Now users can play online rummy anytime and anywhere with various Indian card games and win REAL CASH !

Types of rummy games available

There are 3 different types of Indian Rummy played in present days

  • 13 Cards Pionts Rummy
  • Deals on Rummy:
  • Pool Rummy:
  • Rummy
  • 10 Cards
  • Teen Patti
  • Variation
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Andar Bahar
  • 7 up down
  • Car Roulette
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Best Of Five
  • Teenpatti 20-20
  • Poker
  • How to Refer And Earn In Teen Patti Vungo?

    If you want to earn even more from Teen Patti Vungo App then it also has the option of Refer And Earn. By using this option you can share the referral link of Teen Patti Vungo App with more and more people and earn more. Let me tell you that there is also a Weekly Bonus through which you can earn extra money. For this you follow the process given below step by step.

  • To make extra money from Teen Patti Vungo App, first click on Refer And Earn or Share option.
  • After that you will see sharing options like WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Not only this, you can also copy the referral link from here.
  • You can earn more by sharing this referral link on your social media account.
  • If anyone downloads this app using your referral link and registers in it, they get instant 10.
  • In addition, if any of your referrals adds money after signing up in this app, they get 30% commission.
  • If you want to withdraw the money earned through referrals to your bank account, click on the Claim option and then transfer the money earned to your bank account.

Welcome reward

New users get ₹25 for free, come and show your talent and skills in TeenPatti Vungo.

Rating and Reviews








  • Gameplay 4.8
  • Controls 4.9
  • Graphics 4.8

Most mentioned in reviews :

  • Real cash rummy
  • Withdraw fastest
  • 7*24 support
SShameer Nigam

Hi, I am shameer from Banglore and i am working as a Facility manager. Playing rummy in TeenPatti Vungo is nothing but pklaying for a real time entertainment. No suprise you can win real money here. Can you believe that i have won 30K in a night and 55K in a week. Yes it happens only on TeenPatti Vungo. It depends on your real skills and talent. My appreciations to TeenPatti Vungo support team who are always there to support me.

PPuranjay Adityadeb

I have played a few different Rummy Card Games, and by far i have enjoyed playing Teen Patti Vungo the most. I really like the layout also the games go by very orderly. I am enjoying my new find. I shall recommend it without a second thought.

DDevendra Mahajan

I have played rummy games for nearly 3 years, Teen Patti Vungo's withdraw is the fastest and its system is smoothest i have met.

RRadcliffe Warrilow

I am very excited as this is for the first I have won a big amount in 3 Patti Vungo. I am very happy

JJhintu Bisoye

I used to play online games like Poker, Teen patti etc I find 3 Patti Vungo is the best because of its safe and secure environment, fastest withdrawals and the Customer Care team is also excellent.

CChapin Demetrius

I can play anywhere from mobile any time. I have won real cash Rs.8000 in Vungo Teen Patti. I like this game a lot and i will keep it up and play more games to win more, Thanks.

RRobert Ryanll

Addicted to this game... think overall it's one of the most gin rummy apps. Just wish you could get gems easily. Only way you can chat is to use gems and you can't seem to earn them so it makes you pay if you want some of the good features. if gems were easier to get i would've rates a 5.

SSachin Mahajan

I was in Delhi lst month and could not get a return flight ticket as its was too expensive. I deposited Rs.1000 at Vungo Teen Patti and i won Rs.20,000 in just 6 hours. I put in a withdrawal request.


Everything is ok.....
When losing the game, Players drop with 80 Points, it is really painful to lose by such type of games. It changes whole game characterisics..... pls do needful....it's a most critical concern.

SSiddhant Jalmi

Teen Patti Vungo Apk has a great customer support team. Whenever I have any queries, they get back to me instantly with the best possible solutions. I wish all the best to the top management team for showing such sincerity

MMahesh SD

Excellent Rummy app. Unlike other apps, the rules can be modified which means you I can finally play the style of Rummy I am used to. The only reason for 4 star is beacuse sometimes I wait for 5 minutes to join a new game. Happy to pay for the functionality. Everything else is perfectly fine. Thank you!

SSathish Singh

Teen Patti Vungo Apk is easy to play, the games come with comprehensive guides so that the player can quickly and easily learn how to play.

NNaveen Kumar

Great game to pass the and win money. Pretty competitive.

Nnijaz nizar

I love to play on Teen Patti Vungo App and I enjoy the experience. It allows mo to win the real cash prizes too. I have won a couple for the Teen Patti Vungo Apk tournaments and very happy about the entire experience. Thank you to Teen Patti Vungo App team.

MMal Khan

I love this wonderful game. Thanks 24x7 for this arrangements. But, I will suggest all the players "be cool always weather you are winning or losing and try to concenterate on the cards rather than you money bag."

MManoj Choudhary

Yes!!! I have won real money many times and lost most of the times. It's a game, so wina and losses are common. Enjoying the game as well. Thanks!

SSandeep Singh

I trust Teen Patti Vungo Apk download with my money. I can add cash and start winning immediately. I have been palying for 3 months. I feel awesome after winning this tournament. My withdrawal request gets processed immediately.

NNikhil Mane

It was really fabulous to win cash prizes on this game. Thanks for this experience and wishing Teen Patti Vungo Apk download & All its members A Great Future Ahead.

MMahesh SD

It's nice to play but i never expected that i would win cash in this game. Now I am so happy and I will encourage my friends to play this game too.

PPritish Bhardwaj

Teen Patti Vungo Apk download is a wonderful game. Playing Rummy here is a whole lot of fun and unlike any other rummy game. I love to play here and win cash.

KKapil Bhardwaj

I feel lucky playing this game. It is such an amazing game, full of entertainment and total masti. I play here regularly & am addicted to Teen Patti Vungo Apk download, Their customer service is very good as well. All I can say Play here and make your life good.

YYuvraj Chauhan

I would also like to specially mention the support staff. What a quick replay you get for your query! Good work. Hoping for a lifetime relationship with Teen Patti Vungo App download.

SSrikanth Ramapuram

The design and interface of the site is really good and user friendly. I enjoyed a lot Playing rummy and have won a lot of money.